The ACCA Global Forum for Technology

The forum brings shared thinking on how technology and data impact the roles of accountancy and finance professionals. The forum includes those who work in the technology space, practitioners from small and large practices, Chief Financial Officers and academics from across the globe.



Dev Ramnarine, Partner, Thrudheim Advisory Services

Dev Ramnarine is an internationally experienced accountant, auditor, global keynote speaker, business and technology consultant, and advisor with over twenty years of experience. He is a quantum leader specializing in elevating individual and organizational performance.

Dev currently works at Thrudheim Advisory Services, an SMP he founded, which offers audit, advisory, and business and technology consulting. He is also a strategic partner with The ExP Group, offering world-class education solutions for finance and accounting students.

He previously worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers and international clients such as Sotheby’s, Citibank, Calumet Specialty Products, Encoded Therapeutics, The House of Angostura, GlaxoSmithKline, Trax USA, and more.

As a result of his passion for technology, he has spent several years leading and advising on systems implementation, modernization, and automation of supply chain systems and working with clients in defining business cases for using and interacting with new technologies.

Dev’s passion is to inspire, empower and provide clarity to others, with a vision to create a world of workability.

Outside of the office, Dev is a self-taught pianist who plays and composes exclusively by ear. His compositions are intended to capture his life experiences in music for all to enjoy.

ACCA expert


Alistair Brisbourne - Head of technology research, policy and insights

As the Head of Technology Research within the Policy and Insights team, Alistair Brisbourne leads on research that supports the ACCA’s global technology and skills agenda. He is currently interested in exploring opportunities for and the implications of artificial intelligence adoption and what this means for the future of finance. 

Alistair joined the ACCA from BDO LLP where he worked as a manager in Research and Commercial Insights, helping position the company as an industry leader through data-driven reports, business intelligence and insightful analyses of the audit and advisory market. He holds an MSc from University College Dublin and a Doctorate from Royal Holloway, University of London. Alistair worked as a Lecturer at the University of London prior to moving into professional services.