The mission of ACCA Singapore Toastmasters Club is to provide a supportive and positive learning experience in which members are empowered to develop communication and leadership skills, resulting in greater self-confidence and personal growth. 

Benefits of joining ACCA Singapore Toastmasters Club

  • improve communication skills in a supportive environment;
  • develop critical thinking skills;
  • build listening skills;
  • give and receive constructive feedback;
  • build self-confidence and become more at ease in front of a group;
  • learn time management skills;
  • develop personal growth;
  • receive positive mentoring;
  • enhance leadership skills;
  • learn relationship building;
  • interact and network with fellow ACCA members;
  • meet fellow Toastmasters from different professions;
  • receive informative and educational monthly magazine; and
  • receive two units of CPD for each meeting and
  • more!

Meeting details

Every third Tuesday of the month, 7.15pm to 9.30pm


ACCA Singapore
1 Raffles Quay
South Tower
Singapore 048583

Membership fee

First year : S$230.00 per annum
Renewal : S$200.00 per annum


Please email for further information.


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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

  • What is Toastmasters?

    Toastmasters International was established in 1924 by Dr Ralph Smedley as a safe haven for practising public speaking and leadership skills.

  • How does Toastmasters work?

    A Toastmasters meeting is a learn-by-doing workshop. Through Toastmasters Educational Programmes, members enjoy opportunities to practice and build skills by participating in meetings and filling various roles. They might give prepared or impromptu speeches or serve as timer, evaluator or grammarian. Members may also be called upon to lead a volunteer committee or serve as a club officer.

    The Toastmasters educational programme offers each member training in communication and leadership skills. The communication and leadership tracks are not mutually exclusive; members may participate in both at the same time, if they wish.

    Members progress along each track by working through a series of manuals, and each manual offers a set of projects to complete. Each project includes an evaluation guide, which gives members an easy way to provide and receive immediate feedback.

  • Toastmasters Educational Programme - the communication track

    Members learn communication skills by working in the Competent Communication manual, a series of 10 self-paced speaking projects designed to instill a basic foundation in public speaking.

    Each project focuses on a different skill and also includes an evaluation guide, which gives members an easy way to provide immediate feedback as the project is completed.

    Members learn a variety of public speaking skills such as:

    • Speech organisation
    • Eye contact
    • Gestures
    • Use of humour
    • Overall delivery.
  • Toastmasters Education Programme - the leadership track

    Toastmasters participants learn to lead when they take on responsibilities and accomplish goals. By serving as officers or fulfilling meeting roles, members have fun learning and enhancing the following leadership skills:

    • Listening
    • Critical thinking
    • Giving feedback
    • Time management
    • Planning
    • Delegating
    • Facilitating
    • Motivating
    • Mentoring
    • Team building

    Please visit the Toastmasters International website to find out more about Toastmasters International and its programmes.