We would like our members, affiliates and students to understand that it might be a challenging transition, and that they should conduct due diligence before they arrive. Before you arrive, there are some free services that offer individuals relocating to Canada checklists, webinars and guides. We would be pleased to provide you with an ‘ACCA North America Orientation Guide’ which provides our members and future members with links to key resources to assist them in this transition. 

PrepareForCanada.com provides a list of the first things you need to do after landing in Canada, click here for more details. Arrive also provides resources to support you as you arrive in Canada, including information specific to accountants.

ACCA North America is not authorized to provide information relating to any immigration matters. For more information on matters relating to immigration and government affiliated matters, please contact Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

ACCA cannot provide a student visa or work permit due to local laws and regulations.