When you arrive in Canada, please update your contact and employment details on your myACCA Portal. Once your contact details reflect your new Canadian mailing address, you will begin receiving local updates and event invitations from the ACCA North America office.

If you are planning to relocate to Canada or you have moved here already, please contact ACCA North America at north.america@accaglobal.com for additional resources. We would be pleased to provide you with an ‘ACCA North America Orientation Guide’.

ACCA is a not-for-profit organization founded in 1904, with members in Canada since the 1970’s and offices in Canada since 1996. We act as an advocate on behalf of our membership and provide opportunities for continuing professional development.

While ACCA is indeed a global passport to a career in finance and accounting, many members find that the ACCA qualification may not be as visible in Canada as their home country.

Migrating to Canada and finding employment that takes advantage of your hard-earned qualification will take effort but can also be extremely rewarding. Some of our members already work with a multi-national company and may transfer within their company, while others seek employment across a variety of sectors. There are many roads to success, but it will take the same determination and application that you used to obtain your qualification. ACCA North America is always working to bring more recognition to the ACCA qualification on your behalf.

If you are a member, you are required to follow provincial regulations which govern the use of your ACCA designation, and how it can be used in each Canadian province. Up to date information is available on your myACCA Portal. Log in and access the “Use of the ACCA qualification in Canada” document. Review the document to ensure your compliance.

While the ACCA designation does not have statutory recognition for the practice of public accounting in Canada, many members work in industry, commerce, public practice, academia, government and other sectors. Members will need to demonstrate their skills and training to Canadian employers and recruiters. Be prepared to promote awareness of the quality and rigor of the ACCA designation.

These resources were developed with you in mind after consulting with members who have recently migrated. If you are unable to find the answer to your question within these pages, please contact us at north.america@accaglobal.com.