ACCA North America has an office in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. We are here to support our members and future members throughout their ACCA journey in North America. Our office provides regular email communications and coordinates a variety of local initiatives for members and future members.

Our office has developed an Orientation Guide that will provide our members and future members migrating to Canada or newly arrived, resources to assist with their transition, establishing or enhancing their careers, and connecting them to their local network of fellow ACCA members and future members. Please contact the ACCA North America office at to request a copy of this guide. 

Local CPD Programming

ACCA North America offers local CPD programming of interest to our members, future members, employers, and stakeholders. ACCA North America has recorded numerous CPD webinars which can all be viewed on demand in an online archive on our GoTo site.

ACCA Learning

ACCA Learning is our curated portfolio of continuous learning solutions for ACCA members, future members, employers and all finance professionals. You'll find webinars, CPD courses, certificates and diplomas in accountancy, finance, leadership, digital skills and much more, making ACCA Learning the new home for all your learning needs.