ACCA is a global body and this means that if you achieved exemptions from the ACCA exam in your home country based on your prior learning, these exemptions will hold true in Ireland if you commence your ACCA study in Ireland.

For example, exemptions from the first four ACCA professional exams gained by completing a degree in India will still entitle you to those same exemptions if you start your ACCA study in Ireland. Just be aware that some Irish variant examinations are compulsory should you wish to become a Statutory Auditor licence holder in the Ireland, if this is part of your career plan then you need to check your exemptions, but very few ACCA members’ in Ireland become Statutory Auditors and you can go back and do the required exams at a later date.

If you are a student and wishing to come to Ireland to study and would like to find information on the equivalent level for your qualification in Ireland and you are not already registered with ACCA, please follow the guidance from NARIC Ireland. NARIC Ireland provides free advice on the recognition of foreign qualifications in Ireland. A comparability statement for your qualification can be downloaded or printed from the NARIC online database.  Use this guide to using the Foreign Qualifications Database for information on how to search NARIC database. 

If you are already registered with ACCA, you do not need to go through the process of getting your qualification evaluated.