Can I continue to study ACCA in Ireland?

Yes, you can certainly continue your studies towards the ACCA Qualification while you are residing in Ireland.

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How can I sit an exam within Ireland?

Get information about exam arrangements in Ireland from our exam entry section.  You can sit a non-Irish variant exam in Ireland. So if you have studied for a non-Irish variant exam in your home country but have not yet sat the exam in your country, you can take that no-Irish variant paper in Ireland. Only Irish variant class room style tuition is available in Ireland, although online tuition can be available for all exam variants.

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Are you able to help me obtain a work visa for Ireland?

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist you with this request.

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I recently moved to Ireland. How do I get access to local events and information?

To make sure you are included in future local events, simply log into myACCA and update with an Irish correspondence address.

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Can you help me receive my ACCA transcript?

ACCA Ireland does not handle transcript requests.

If you require support contact our customer services team.


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Do you have a list of Foreign Credential Evaluation Services?

Members and students often use foreign credential evaluation services to determine equivalency for sitting the CPA. The result varies from person to person and the service as well, but often the ACCA qualification is not found to be 150 hours on its own. We cannot comment on specific cases but the ACCA USA office has developed a guide that can help members and students interested in moving to the USA. It talks about the evaluation services and which ones are most frequently used by members in the USA.

A member suggested sending along the course syllabi for each of the exams completed. This may give the evaluator additional information on what is covered throughout the ACCA exams. They can be found here in the student community.

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