When considering your move to Ireland, it is essential that you consider where you might work. You will need to be authorised to work and you can learn more about that on the Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation website

Members have reported success in moving to Ireland when they have secured a work transfer from their employer. Members also tell us that for those who move to Ireland without employment, securing that first job is the most difficult and they have had to take on temporary employment or lower level jobs than they might have held in the past. 

Be persistent in your job search, and utilise a variety of resources available to you - including those that are indicated following.

ACCA Careers

Boasting hundreds of job postings within Ireland, ACCA Careers should be your first step towards finding employment in Ireland. Visit ACCA Careers to find jobs from ACCA Approved Employers.

Approved Employers

Consider looking for employment at a global or local ACCA Approved Employer. Access our Approved Employer directory for a listing of employers that are locally approved employers in Ireland.

Employment agencies


Brightwater Recruitment is a recruitment agency with offices throughout Ireland and a frequent speaker at ACCA Ireland events. Brightwater Recruitment has helped ACCA members find employment in the past. Visit Brightwater Recruitment.


LinkedIn serves as the job board of choice for many employers and job seekers in Ireland. Be sure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and check out what jobs are listed there!

Visit LinkedIn jobs.