• AAA United Arab Emirates (UAE)

    The UAE aspires to become the leading financial services centre globally. To achieve this, there is a government-led drive to develop the national accountancy profession.

    To support the government’s vision, we’ve signed a long-term strategic partnership agreement with the prestigious local accountancy body of UAE - AAA (Accountants and Auditors Association) - to enhance the finance sector in the UAE by:

    • sharing knowledge on key issues for the accountancy and finance professions in the UAE, the wider region and globally
    • implementing a national qualification – the UAECA (United Arab Emirates Chartered Accountant)
    • collaborating on research and policy which will include the publication of jointly branded reports/surveys on relevant local and global accountancy and finance topics

    What this means for our members in the UAE

    This partnership will enhance your recognition as a finance professional in the region with dual membership of both ACCA and AAA.

    You’ll become part of an innovative network, working towards developing a leading financial centre in the UAE and the wider region.

    This is a very exciting time to be part of such an influential partnership and its success relies heavily on the knowledge and experience that you can bring to help develop the profession.

    Apply for AAA membership

    As an ACCA member, you can apply for membership of AAA. Here’s how:

    1. Email your completed UAECA application form to AAA at camembers@aaa4uae.ae along with confirmation of your ACCA Membership (one from: scanned copy of your ACCA membership certificate/letter of good standing from us/email confirmation of your membership from us) and a copy of your passport and residence visa.
    2. AAA will process your application and give you an update within 21 working days.
    3. You can start using the UAECA designation as soon as you’re admitted to the AAA and should receive your membership certificate within six weeks.

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  • CA Australia and New Zealand

    In June 2016 we announced a strategic alliance with the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand.

    The alliance brings together the resources of the largest global professional accountancy body with one of the world’s pre-eminent CA bodies and by sharing expertise across geographies and sectors the alliance will create a stronger voice on behalf of its members.

    As part of the alliance we have signed a Reciprocal Membership Agreement (RMA) with Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CA ANZ). This paves the way for members of each organisation to join and benefit from the other.

    Applying for membership

    If you’re a member of CA ANZ and want to apply for membership of ACCA, download an application form (PDF format 52kb)

    If you’re an ACCA member, please visit the CA ANZ website to apply for membership of CA ANZ

    CA ANZ members

    If you’ve been admitted as a Chartered Accountant Australia and New Zealand, who is in good standing and completed five years' relevant post-qualification experience you are eligible for direct admission to ACCA membership.

    Along with the completed membership form you are required to submit:

    • A letter from CA ANZ confirming that you are a member in good standing, having achieved membership by completing the professional education/ examinations and practical experience requirement. This letter should also state your date of admission to membership of CA ANZ and confirm that you have fully complied with Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements
    • Two references which can attest to your professional competence and suitability for membership of ACCA
    • A personal statement with third party verification of activities contributing to the professional life, the community, your membership body or ACCA

    For more information on this agreement

    ACCA members - please refer to the main CA ANZ alliance page, the CA ANZ FAQ's page and the CA ANZ website.

    CA ANZ members - download an application form (PDF format 52kb)

  • CPA Canada (legacy MRA with CGA)

    ACCA and the Certified General Accountants Association of Canada (CGA-Canada) have a global mutual recognition agreement (MRA). Originally signed in 2006, the agreement was renewed in July 2011. In 2012, CGA Canada became part of CPA Canada. The MRA remains in effect in all provinces other than Quebec until April 30, 2021. Fully completed applications must be received by CPA Canada by this date. CPA Canada will continue to process completed applications for a 12 month period until April 30, 2022.

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  • HKICPA Hong Kong

    In 2020, we renewed our existing Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) with the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants (HKICPA). The renewed agreement will be in force until 30 June 2025.

    The MRA outlines how our members and HKICPA can join the other body. It covers students who enrolled in ACCA on or after 16 August 2004 and applies to our members who qualified in the UK and Hong Kong.

    Transition arrangements for students who enrolled earlier have been agreed separately.

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  • MICPA Malaysia

    We’ve signed a Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) with The Malaysian Institute of Certified Public Accountants (MICPA). This paves the way for members of each organisation to join and benefit from the other. Both institutions have also joined forces to work on strengthening the Malaysian accountancy profession.

    About MICPA

    MICPA is an established professional accountancy body with a reputation for technical excellence, with more than 3,200 members and over 500 students pursuing the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) qualification.

    To enjoy membership of both organisations,

    ACCA members: 

    Who have completed:

    • our qualification exams; and
    • five years' relevant professional experience post admittance to membership, including
    • at least three of which have been in Malaysia

    should pass an interview with the MICPA Membership Admission Panel.

    MICPA members:

    who’ve been admitted as Certified Public Accountant members, and completed five years' relevant professional experience post admittance to membership, are eligible for direct admission to ACCA membership.

    For more information on this agreement

    • ACCA members - please refer to the ‘related links’ on this page
    • MICPA members - please refer to the ‘related downloads’ section, where you can download the direct admission application form

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