Foundations in Professionalism

It’s important for all students to understand what it means to work and act professionally and ethically in the workplace. That's why we have the Foundations in Professionalism (FIP) module.

What is FIP

All Foundations in Accountancy students are required to complete the Foundations in Professionalism module.

Online and interactive the module helps develop your understanding of what it means to act professionally and ethically as a finance professional.  The module can be completed before or after the exam component of your qualification and only needs to be completed once - great news if you plan to study further Foundations in Accountancy qualifications.

There is no time limit, the module is flexible so you can complete it at your own pace. 

Access the Foundations in Professionalism module

What skills are covered in FIP

With effect from June 2023, FIP is comprised of the following three learning units:

  1. Ethics and professionalism
  2. Personal effectiveness
  3. Communication and interpersonal skills

Within the learning units there are a series of quizzes and activities for you to complete, designed to support you in reflecting on what you have learnt. Your learning will subsequently be tested in an end of module assessment.

View the full Foundations in Professionalism syllabus

The end of module assessment

The end of module final assessment has a pass mark of 50%. The assessment is comprised of objective test questions drawn from the knowledge and skills included in the three learning units. Successful candidates will have their student record updated to recognise their achievement.  

If you don’t pass first time, you can try again the final assessment until you are successful.            

EPSM exemptions for Units 1-3

Should you choose to go on to study The ACCA Qualification, if you completed FIP after 17 July 2023 you will automatically receive exemptions for the first three units of EPSM. This is because this version of FIP covers the first three learning units of EPSM. Units 1-3 will still be assessed as part of the EPSM final assessment. This means you may wish to refresh your knowledge of these units before attempting the assessment.

Students who completed FIP before 17 July 2023 will not receive any unit exemptions for EPSM.