Reporting misconduct

If you suspect or are aware that misconduct has taken place, it is important for you to let us know.

Why you should report misconduct

Students who engage in misconduct discredit ACCA's reputation by undermining confidence in the system of qualifications. They could cause serious harm to the public if a student, who does not meet the required standard, manages to qualify by dishonest means.

Such conduct is fundamentally incompatible with student registration and could cause wider reputational damage which negatively impacts all current and future ACCA students and members. It is therefore in your interests to report any known or suspected cases of misconduct so that we can investigate these activities and take action if required.

How to report misconduct

Should you have cause to suspect misconduct has taken place, or is at risk of taking place, please contact To help direct your email to the appropriate team, please state the type of suspected misconduct you're reporting in the email subject line and the name of the individual/organisations involved.  

Find out more about types of misconduct

Additionally, within your email please provide as much information and evidence as possible. For example, attaching any photographs or screenshots which may help our investigation.

Upon receipt of your email you will receive an auto-acknowledgement response. Please note we will only contact you further if we require clarification or additional information.

Only emails in relation to misconduct should be sent to  If you wish to get in touch for any other reason please visit Contact Us for more information.