Taking the time to plan your CPD and identify your development needs will focus your learning and make your development more effective.

Plan your approach

Step one: identify the areas that you would like to develop

It’s important to remember that the accountancy profession never stands still.  We have been researching the key knowledge, skills and behaviours that professional accountants are going to need in the future to ensure their future success.

Thinking about your CPD also has the added advantage of allowing you to plan your approach - avoid the trap of having to complete all your activity at the end of the year!

Step two: plan activities to help meet your identified development needs

Be aware that CPD is not all about courses and events, there are other types of learning (eg e-learning or learning at work), which may be more effective for your needs.

Our CPD policy is flexible and a wide range of learning can contribute towards your CPD, as long as it is relevant to your development.