When to record your CPD

Keeping a record of your CPD as you go will help you to determine if you’re on track with your CPD plan, and help you to identify any gaps or areas where you need to do more learning.  It will also make it easier to complete your annual CPD declaration, because it will help you to assess if you’ve met the CPD requirement for the year. 

If you’re selected for a CPD review then you may be asked to provide three years’ worth of CPD records*, therefore keeping records as you go along will make it easier to provide a copy of your records if requested.

*Members holding an ACCA Irish practising certificate and audit qualification and individuals who are partners or directors or agents of a firm holding an ACCA Irish auditing certificate must retain their CPD activities for six years.

How to record your CPD

You can keep your CPD records in any format you prefer.  To prevent duplication some members use their employer’s personal development plan (PDP). Or you may prefer to keep your own personal record using an Excel or Word document.

Alternatively you can use our online CPD recording tool in MyACCA.  A benefit of using this recording tool is that it will help you to record the information that you need for a CPD review. 

Questions to think about when evaluating your CPD

You should evaluate your CPD activities it can be helpful to consider the following questions:

  • Did your activity meet your needs?
  • Can you apply your learning in the workplace, for example by satisfying your clients’ needs, or improving your approach in the workplace?
  • Has there been a positive impact on your business?
  • Would you do anything differently next time?

The key information you should note in your CPD record is why you chose the activity, what you learned from it, and how you will apply it.

You can review examples of completed CPD records in our keeping your CPD evidence section for many different learning activities. These will help you to understand what information you should include in your CPD record.