This guide has been developed to support you as you begin your journey to qualify as a chartered certified accountant.

ACCA UK was formally established in London in 1904. Eight accountants found the London Association of Accountants, the forerunner of ACCA. The United Kingdom has a long and varied history as a cultural and economic leader and attracts many people of talent and diversity every year. Our members work in a variety of public and private industries.

Migrating to the UK and finding employment that takes advantage of your hard-earned qualification will take effort but can also be extremely rewarding. Many of our members already work with a multi-national company and are able to transfer within their company while others seek employment with the Big Four. There are many roads to success, but it will take the same determination and application that you used to obtain your qualification. ACCA UK is always working to bring larger recognition to the ACCA qualification but there is always more to do.

These resources were developed with you in mind after consulting with many recently migrated members.  If you are unable to find answers to your questions within these pages, please contact us

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