Certificate in Public Financial Management (Cert PFM)

The ACCA Certificate in Public Financial Management (Cert PFM) is ACCA’s new and latest Public Sector qualification, becoming available from December 2019.


Given the pace of change and size of expenditure in the public sector, it’s critical that finance professionals working in the sector have the right skills to deal with the challenges ahead. In response to demand from the public sector, we have developed the Certificate in Public Financial Management to help support and build strong public financial management.

The ACCA Certificate in Public Financial Management will transform the finance capabilities of your organisation. By delivering the public finance knowledge, skills and ethical values needed by organisations like yours, our new Certificate will help you build financial capability and assess your employees.

It introduces the essentials of public financial management. It provides a practical and broad-based knowledge of public financial management, teaching the foundations of public sector finance and ensuring finance professionals in the public sector have a core understanding of what is involved.

Pre-orders are available and there will be an early bird discount for those who place an order before the official launch of CertPFM; i.e. between 19 August 2019 and 30 November 2019 inclusive. 

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