Place winners from March 2024 exam session

Place winners from March 2024 exam session (Pakistani residents of all nationalities):

Foundation Diploma papers

Abdul HadiPeshawarRecording Financial Transactions
Dua KhanLahoreRecording Financial Transactions
Muhammad Rizwan MazharRawalpindiMaintaining Fianancial Records
Muhammad Hamza HussainKarachiMaintaining Fianancial Records
Abdul Wassy KhanLahoreMaintaining Fianancial Records
Farhan AmeerMultanMaintaining Fianancial Records
Muhammad AhmedKarachiManagement Information
Fuzail Ahmad PeshawarManagement Information
Faez KhanMultanManagement Information
Mustafa WarisFaisalabadManagement Information
Ali MuhammadSindhManaging Costs And Finance
Hajra MajeedIslamabadManaging Costs And Finance
Syed Tanseer AbbasLahoreManaging Costs And Finance

ACCA Qualification

Muhammad HammadPeshawarAudit & Assurance
Ibad HaseebKarachiAdvanced Audit and Assurance
Zainab MalikIslamabadAdvanced Financial Management
Maha ImtiazKarachiAdvanced Performance Management
Faraz Ahmad FarooquiIslamabadAdvanced Taxation
Muhammad JunaidIslamabadFinancial Management 
Mirza Haris BaigKarachiFinancial Reporting
Malaika TanveerRawalpindiPerformance Management
Raazia Akhtar SiddiquiKarachiStrategic Business Leader
Zainab MalikIslamabadStrategic Business Reporting
Maheen ZubairKarachi Taxation
Urooj WasimHyderabadTaxation

ACCA top affiliates in Pakistan

Faizan HalariKarachi1
Raazia Akhtar SiddiquiKarachi2
Haris SajjadLahore3