Place winners from September 2018 exam session

Place winners from September 2018 exam session (Pakistani residents of all nationalities):

Foundation Diploma Papers

NamePlacing CityPaper
Muhammad Ali First in PakistanLahoreRecording Financial Transactions
Hamza SubhaniFirst in PakistanIslamabadRecording Financial Transactions 
Zara Khalid MalikFirst in PakistanLahoreMaintaining Financial Records 
Ch. Noor ZamanFirst in PakistanKharianMaintaining Financial Records 
Abdul AhadFirst in PakistanKarachiManagement Information
Zara Khalid MalikFirst globallyLahoreManagement Information

ACCA Qualification

NamePlacing CityPaper
Muhammad Ateeb RiazFirst in PakistanIslamabadAudit and Assurance 
Abdul Samad Khan NiazFirst in PakistanMultanAudit and Assurance 
Hina FatimaFirst in PakistanDubaiAdvanced Financial Management
Areeba IrfanFirst in PakistanKarachiAdvanced Financial Management 
Subhan GhaziFirst in PakistanIslamabadAdvanced Performance Management 
Huda Muzaffar SaeedFirst in PakistanIslamabadAdvanced Taxation
Hassan TariqFirst in PakistanLahoreFinancial Management 
Muhammad Ateeb Riaz First in PakistanIslamabadFinancial Reporting
Nazarat AkramFirst in PakistanLahorePerformance Management
Araib SultanFirst in PakistanKarachiStrategic Bussiness Leader 
Nabeel Muhammad Jawed First in PakistanKarachiStrategic Bussiness Reporting 
Shahzeb Khan First in PakistanFaisalabadTaxation 
SehrishFirst in PakistanKarachiAccountant in Business
Syeda Mehr FatimaFirst in PakistanKarachiManagement Accounting
Muhammad Baqar MehdiFirst in PakistanKarachiFinancial Accounting
Mehreen MushtaqFirst in PakistanKarachiCorporate and Business Law


NamePlacing City
Hassan Ahmed Jawwad1Karachi
Zainab Abbas2Sialkot
Syed Mustafa Aslam2Karachi
Muhammad Azhar Imtiaz3Lahore 
Ahmed Jaffar3Karachi