3. Exam preparation

As with any exam, practice is the key to success. But make sure you are familiar with the CBE environment and are practising in exactly the same conditions as you will be on exam day.

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Getting started with remote exams

We know that it can be daunting taking a remotely invigilated exam for the first time. This may even be the first time you’ve taken any CBE.

The first thing to keep in mind is that the initial preparation for a remote exam is exactly the same as it would be for any other centre exam – you need to work towards a broad understanding of the full syllabus.

As you progress from a learning phase into a revision phase the two most important things are to: 

  • make sure you have completed the system checks fully detailed in the before you book section 
  • complete your question practice in the ACCA Practice Platform

It’s also a great habit to complete your question practice using the exact set up you would use for the real exam. 

Using the Practice Platform

The CBE Practice Platform is a free on-demand resource where you can practice using the live exam format, layout and functionality. The platform contains ACCA specimen and past exam content and you also have the ability to self-mark your answers.

To get the biggest benefit from your question practice, make sure you mark and debrief your answers thoroughly using the model answers and marking schemes within the Practice Platform. 

We have a series of introductory videos to help get you become familiar with the practice platform and the CBE environment. And we also have a number of exam specific support videos in the study support resources section of the website.

To see for yourself you can log into the Practice Platform using your myACCA account details.

Scrap paper and completing your answers

Remember that scrap paper is not allowed on exam day – that means you need to get into the habit of practicing using the on-screen scratchpad that’s available in the Practice Platform and the CBE environment.

The marker cannot see your scratch pad. If you want any of your workings to be marked (especially for any OT and case questions) these need to be included in the response area.

Studying and your desk set up

The closer you can get to practicing in exam conditions, the better prepared you will be on exam day. This means completing your question practice with a clear desk area with only a calculator and clear glass or bottle of water. 

View the desk and room setup requirements for remote session exams

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