Performance Objective exemption for Gold and Platinum level

Please note that the information in this section is only for applications for our Trainee Development stream.

Gold or Platinum level exemption

If you are applying for Trainee Development approval at Gold or Platinum, we need to know if you want your trainees to claim the performance objective exemption.

Claiming the performance objective exemption means that your trainees will not need to document any performance objectives they achieve while working for your organisation in ACCA’s online My Experience tool.

Instead, they will simply complete a short form detailing their completed performance objectives either when they are ready to apply for ACCA membership, or when they leave your organisation. This form will be verified by your nominated Practical Experience Supervisor (PES).

This gives both your trainees and their supervisors more time to focus on their daily roles.

Trainees who claim the exemption will still have to use the My Experience tool to:

  • record that they are claiming the performance objective exemption
  • enter their employment details and employment status
  • record their progress towards achieving 36 months in a relevant role.

It is your decision as the Approved Employer to allow your trainees to claim the performance objective objection.

If you prefer your trainees to document their performance objectives using the My Experience tool, your nominated Practical Experience Supervisor (PES) will have to sign off each objective individually as it is achieved.