Remote on-demand exams

Students can now take our on-demand exams from the comfort of their own home by booking a remote on-demand CBE. Find out more about the pre-booking requirements and complete the system check to make sure you can run the exam successfully.

Why take a remote on-demand CBE

Students in selected markets can now take their on-demand exam remotely. You can take advantage of a number of benefits remote on-demand CBEs offer you, such as:

  • having the convenience of taking your exam at home
  • taking the exam in an environment you're familiar and comfortable with
  • booking your exam in 5 minutes with our easy-to-use online booking system.

Before booking your exam

It is important that you understand and complete the pre-booking requirements to make sure that you can run the exam successfully.

Your device must meet the minimum specification requirements

Please note exams cannot be taken on a Mac and we do not recommend using a computer provided by your employer or institute as their security policies may prevent successful running of the exam.

Read the device minimum specification requirements

You must be able to run the invigilation software

Check you can run the invigilation software

Your desk/room setup must be able to meet the exam regulations

Check the exam regulations

Unfortunately, if you are unable to confirm both these steps then you should not book a remote on-demand CBE. Finally, if you require any additional support when taking your exam, these need to be requested and approved before you book.

Visit our additional support guidance

How to book your exam

Book your exam

Search for your country on our exam availability and booking page to see if remote on-demand exams are available in your location, and book.