1. Before you book

To run a remote on-demand exam successfully you'll need to meet certain requirements, which are explained on this page. Please make sure you understand these requirements, and can meet them, before you book.

1. Check availability

Remote on-demand exams are only allowed to be taken by students in selected locations.  Please visit our remote exam availability page to find out if you are permitted to take a remote exam in your location.

2. Check your equipment and internet connection

Your device must meet the minimum specification requirements to run the exam successfully.

Exams cannot be taken on a Mac device nor is the use of a VPN connection permitted. We do not recommend using a computer provided by your employer or institute as they often use a VPN and/or their additional security settings may interfere with the successful running of the exam.

You should check your system against the full minimum system requirements before booking. Making these checks in advance will greatly reduce the risk of you experiencing a technical disruption on exam day.

System requirements

3. Check you can run the invigilation software

To successfully participate in a remote on-demand exam you need to be able to run the invigilation software. You should check you can do this before booking your exam. 

4. Make sure you understand the exam rules, including room and desk setup

In order for remote exams to be taken as securely and rigorously as our centre-based exams, there are some room and desk setup requirements which students need to adhere to. You can find these fully explained in the exam regulations, exam guidelines and the guide to desk setup.

5. Make sure you have booked additional support, if you need it

If you need any additional support when taking your exam, this needs to be requested and approved before you book.

Any questions? 

If you still have any questions prior to booking please visit our frequently asked questions - link to be updated

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