Registering multiple students

You can use our bulk IR service to register up to 50 students. The information below will help you get the best from this service.

Please follow the steps below to help you complete your bulk registrations.

Check eligibility under Bye-law 8

Check if there are any matters to disclose under Bye-law 8 for your list of individuals.

Prepare your file

Before starting the application, download the CSV file. This is available from the bulk registration pack (zip, 769KB). We recommend this is always opened using Microsoft Excel.

Complete your file

Please ensure you complete each field for every individual you wish to register. Anything that is marked with * must match the exact format shown or you will receive an error. 

Please do not enter any commas when completing the template. 

If your file contains more than 50% errors, it will be rejected.

*TitleMiss, Mrs, Ms, Mr, Dr, Prof
First nameA maximum of 30 English characters.
Last nameA maximum of 45 English characters.
Email addressUnique to the application, and should be a maximum of 60 characters.
*DOBIn the format DD/MM/YYYY, eg 23/09/1980.
*NationalityCopy and paste from the nationality reference table (xlsx, 11kb)
*Country of residence

Must contain 2 letters only. Copy and paste from the country codes reference table (xlsx, 17kb)

Unfortunately, due to the ongoing geopolitical situation, we are not able to register applicants residing in Russia or Belarus currently. We hope to accept applications again in the future.

Postcode/zip codeThis should be the usual format of your postcode eg AB12 1DG.
AddressA maximum of 45 English characters.
*Telephone codeCopy and paste the 3 digit telephone code from the telephone codes reference table  (xlsx, 16kb)
Telephone numberThe contact telephone number with the first zero removed.

Upload the CSV file

When you have completed your Excel file, you’re ready to upload to bulk registration.

This is done in the following box:

Drag and drop

Correct errors

If there are any errors with an individual's records these will be flagged in red as demonstrated below. Please edit or delete this student's record before continuing.


Upload documents

Now, you’re ready to finalise your registrations. You can edit details by selecting the edit button.


When you’re sure all the student details are correct,  you can upload the documents for each individual. To do this, just select upload.


When uploading documents, please ensure you provide all the required documents for each student.

Repeat for each individual

Upload documents for each student. Be sure to work through each page of records using the numbered page numbers.


Submit the registration

Once you have uploaded all the required documents for each student, you can submit the registration.


What happens next?

After the applications have been submitted, your students will receive a confirmation email. We’ll then process the applications within 5 working days and let the students know when they’re registered and if they've been awarded any exemptions.

Once registered, students will be added to your exchange account allowing you to administer their accounts.