Technical factsheet: how to submit a good-quality suspicious activity report (SAR) using the NCA SARs online portal

Follow this useful guide to ensure you provide the right information to the National Crime Agency

The Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) Engagement Group is made up of experienced money laundering reporting officers (MLROs) and financial crime practitioners from the accountancy sector as well as the National Crime Agency (NCA). 

The accountancy representatives on the group are from both firms and AML supervisors from the accountancy bodies, including ACCA. Part of the work of the group is to look at initiatives that support MLROs across the sector.

This SAR reporting guide has been created for this reason. It can be used by MLROs to act as a useful reminder, before submitting a SAR using the NCA’s SARs online system, of exactly what information they need.

It is recognised that submitting a SAR may not be a regular everyday occurrence for MLROs, and the document is intended to act as a useful reference on what information is needed before trying to navigate the system. It will allow the MLRO to be better prepared and ultimately produce a SAR with all the required information.

In addition, there is guidance in the appendix on general money laundering, which acts as a useful reminder.

This technical factsheet should be read in conjunction with our earlier one, Suspicious activity reports.