CAT Qualification FAQs

CAT's Qualifications team has worked with examiners to put together a set of FAQs to help you answer any queries you might have. There are general questions about the CAT Qualification as a whole.

I have been transferred to the ACCA register although I still have two more CAT exams to complete. Can I be transferred back to the Foundations in Accountancy register?

The reason you have been transferred is that you did not request to stay on to complete your CAT Qualification. Please note that there are now two transfer points to the ACCA register from the Foundations in Accountancy register which are free of charge. These are as follows:

  1. On completion of the Diploma exams (FAB, FMA and FFA, formerly T5, T6 and T7). This is the automatic transfer unless we are notified otherwise
  2. On completion of the CAT Qualification - that is completion of nine exams, Foundations in Professionalism and the Foundations in Practical Experience (FPER).

There is no longer a transfer point for students completing nine exams. Nor is there a single certificate to demonstrate that students have nine exams. The former "CAT graduate" status no longer exists.

So unless you are expecting to complete your FPER soon and become a full CAT holder, it is beneficial for you to remain on the ACCA register now.

If you wish to be transferred to the ACCA qualification after completing the nine Foundation in Accounting (FIA) exams, but have not completed the CAT Qualification (including FPER) then all you have to do is complete the ACCA transfer form from the related downloads section. Please allow 10 working days to transfer your account after we’ve received your form.

(Please note the above information does not relate to students in Malaysia - please see specific guidance issued for your country).

As a CAT student registered before Jan 1st 2011, do I have to complete the Foundations in Professionalism module?

No, you do not need to do so, although you are highly recommended to take the module to improve your professional and ethical skills. If you successfully complete it, your student record will be updated to reflect this.

As a CAT student registered after Jan 1st 2011, do I have to complete the Foundations in Professionalism module?

Yes you do. Any student registered on to Foundations in Accountancy must complete this module. This is a mandatory requirement in order to obtain any Foundations in Accountancy qualification, including full CAT status. If you successfully complete this module, your student record will be updated to reflect this.