Foundations in Accountancy

Find out how to progress your interest in Foundations in Accountancy here.

Applying to study FIA

You can apply online at any time of the year – it’s quick and easy. You can:

  • Upload all your supporting documents, saving time and postage costs
  • Claim provisional exemptions so that you know at which level you can start your studies
  • Track your application
  • Start studying! Your application will only take a short time to process.

Please note you will need to allow time for your application to be processed if you want to sit exams at the next available session.

Computer-based exams

Exams for the Foundations in Accountancy group of qualifications are available as on demand computer-based exams (CBEs)*. Simply find a CBE centre and pay them directly for the exams you wish to sit. Or you can take exams remotely.

You can sit these at any time of the year though you must be registered as a student and ensure that you have your student registration number with you on the day.

*The only exception is the two additional exams for CAT, which are available at specific times of the year.

Joint Examination Partnerships

In some territories – Barbados, Belize, Cambodia, Guyana, Jamaica, Lesotho, Malta, Sierra Leone, Swaziland – ACCA partners with the national accountancy body so that ACCA examination passes earn you simultaneous recognition with that body.

To register for the relevant Joint Examination Partnership partner as well as with ACCA, please apply online. You may also have to complete a Joint Examination Scheme registration form. You can get this from your local Joint Examination Partnership office.

Registration and subscription fees

To begin your journey with ACCA and Foundations in Accountancy you will need to pay an initial registration fee when you apply. You will also need to pay an annual subscription fee by 1 January each year to keep your student status active.

You will be invoiced in November each year, and we’ve made it easy for you to pay your fees online via our student tool myACCA. Your annual subscription to us means we can keep providing you with the right resources to support your development, whether you pursue further qualifications of finish your ACCA journey after FIA.

Additional fees may apply to register with the relevant Joint Examination Scheme partner – please contact the Joint Exam Scheme partner for details.

Exam fees

You will need to pay an exam entry fee for each examination that you sit. This will be paid directly to the CBE centre where you are sitting your exams.

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