Foundations in Accountancy

If you are looking for a rewarding career in finance and accountancy and you live in Pakistan or Bangladesh, then our Foundation Diploma is designed just for you.

Once you have completed the exam portion of the Diploma, you'll be eligible to transfer to the ACCA Qualification with exemptions from our Applied Knowledge exams.

In order to receive the Foundation Diploma - a qualification recognised by local education authorities - you simply need to undertake the exams and also take our Foundations in Professionalism module.

You can even do this once you have transferred to the ACCA qualification, provided you have completed all of the necessary exams.

Five great reasons to choose the Foundation Diploma

1.  Fast-track to the ACCA Qualification

The Foundation level is the best preparation for the ACCA Qualification if you don’t have any other qualifications or experience. Complete the diploma and you can be automatically transferred onto the ACCA Qualification, free of charge, and given free exemptions from the first three exams.

2. Starting out at the right level

You could start the Foundation Diploma after completing O’ Levels, Matriculation or Intermediate if you are based in Pakistan; or O’ Levels or SSC exam if you are based in Bangladesh.

3. Earn more money

ACCA’s Foundation Diploma is your first step to becoming a professional accountant. You’ll get a better job and be paid more if you have a qualification in a profession that is in demand (like Accountancy). ACCA’s Students and affiliates salary and career survey 2012 reported that ACCA students and affiliates around the world frequently earn salaries that exceed the national average across professions.

4. Fast and flexible

With computer-based exams available on-demand throughout the year and paper-based exams available twice a year, you could complete the entire Foundation Diploma and be registered as an ACCA student in less than 12 months. And there’s no time limit for completing the exams.

5. Affordable 

You pay for your fees as you go along, so there are no big upfront costs. The Foundation Diploma is a lower cost alternative to University, and you can study and work at the same time. You can be transferred free of charge onto the ACCA Qualification once you’ve completed it, with free exemptions for the Applied Knowledge exams.

Exam structure

The new ACCA Foundation Diploma consists of seven exams and the Foundations in Professionalism online module:

  • FA1 – Recording Financial Transactions
  • MA1 – Management Information
  • FA2 – Maintaining Financial Records
  • MA2 – Managing Costs and Finance
  • FBT – Foundations in Business and Technology
  • FMA – Management Accounting
  • FFA – Financial Accounting

To gain the Foundation Diploma and be eligible for the ACCA Qualification you must pass all seven exams and then complete the Foundations in Professionalism online module.

The knowledge gained by completing FA1 and MA1, then FA2 and MA2 will give you the essential knowledge you need to pass FBTFMA and FFA. Therefore, we strongly recommend students take FA1 and MA1 before moving on to FA2 and MA2, and finally to FBT, FMA and FFA.

Having the right building blocks in place will ensure you have every chance of success in the Foundation Diploma and in at the ACCA Qualification, if you choose to continue your studies.

Before you apply (Bangladesh only):

Bangladesh students need an additional verification letter to register for the Foundation Diploma. Only the partners listed below can issue the verification letter to you:

  • LCBS Dhaka - Dhaka Campus
  • Edbase Professionals
  • Professional School of Business (PSB)
  • HeadStart Professional Accountancy Services
  • Professional School of Business – PSB, Chattogram
  • Institute of Chartered Professional Account (ICPA), Sylhet

Contact us if you are unable to provide a letter from one of these partners.

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