This session will provide you with the following:

  • Overview of the Agile journey for Barclays Internal Audit
  • Walkthrough of how we deliver an agile audit and why we think it's valuable
  • Myth busting - demystifying some of the jargon to focus on outcomes
  • Lessons learned - if you’re thinking of trying this yourself



Chris Spedding, chief of staff - Barclays Internal Audit

Chris is the Chief of Staff for Barclays Internal Audit, and oversees the operations and change in the function. A key area of focus since 2016 has been our Agile transformation of BIA, which now sees our global team deliver 600 agile audits each year.

Chris joined Barclays in 2017 from EY where he spent 12 years working in the FSRisk Advisory practice, focusing on IA effectiveness reviews and transformations. In 2012/13, he was seconded as secretary to the CIIA Committee that created the FS Code for Effective Internal Audit. 

Your speaker

  • Chris Spedding

    Chris Spedding

    chief of staff, Barclays Internal Audit