This session will cover the following issues for Internal Audit with technology:

  • Expectation gap - management thinks that new software will do everything, solve all problems and give 100% reliable answers
  • Training and change - staff can be reluctant to change to a new way of doing things
  • Ongoing monitoring - it is rare that new technologies are implemented flawlessly and work exactly as anticipated
  • Data management - for software technologies, the data required (or produced) may be more or less than that required by the business
  • Techno-joy - people may use software despite it not being relevant and try to force it to do the job.

For each area, we will look at the concern for Internal Audit and the solution.


Dr Andrew Davidson

Andrew is the IT Audit Senior Manager at Johnston Carmichael. He provides a firm-wide service for both IT Audit services and data analysis to reduce the substantive burden of external audits.

Andrew also specialises in gap analysis for Data Security and business continuity to give additional assurance to client firms.

Your speaker

  • Andrew Davidson

    Dr Andrew Davidson

    IT Audit Senior Manager, Johnston Carmichael