We often talk about integrity, objectivity, confidentiality and competence as key attributes of any internal audit professional. We should add courage into the mix as well as it links neatly with these other ethical elements.

But being a courageous internal auditor is not always as easy as we would like. It can be easy to say, but hard in practice. In this focused session John will explain why courage is so critical for every internal auditor and he will illustrate his talk with examples drawn from his extensive work in the UK and overseas.


John Chesshire, JC Audit Training Limited

John has over 22 years’ experience in delivering internal audit assurance, training and consulting related services to many client organisations. He is an experienced head of assurance and audit committee chair, with an ability to balance theory and good practice with real world insight, examples and experience.  

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  • John Chesshire

    John Chesshire

    JC Audit Training Limited