In this webinar, Jay Abbott will explain what cyber security is, why it is important and why it matters to internal auditors. This is not an area that is restricted to IT auditors - all internal auditors need to be knowledgeable on this area. This session will cover the concepts of phishing, farming, malware, the use of plug-ins and the risks of WiFi. Internal auditors need to understand the behavioural issues rather than IT, and the Board needs to be educated so that it asks the right questions. 

The rest of the series will cover data security, social engineering, process network control, how to react when you are attacked, outsourcing, and a final webinar on the latest techniques and attacks.  Information on how to book for the rest of the series will appear in future editions of Snapshot.


Jay Abbott

Jay Abott is the Founder and Managing Director of Advanced Security Consulting Limited (JustASC) – a specialist security services organisation offering consulting, managed services, penetration testing & training, focussed on improving their client’s ability to manage the cyber threat landscape.  Jay has over 17 years of industry experience in technology and security. He is a respected keynote speaker who is regularly quoted in the press and a trusted industry expert.