In this webinar, the team at Protiviti will explain how they are using Active Assurance as a strategy to remain relevant in a dynamic environment.

The session will include a demonstration of their tool for process mining and showcase other next generation tools that they are currently leveraging when supporting their clients with their assurance agenda.


Esther Delgado, Director - Protiviti UK

Esther is specialised in the provision of internal audit, risk management, financial control and business consulting. Prior to joining Protiviti, she worked within a Big 4 Accounting Firm and Internal Audit departments of a multinational retailer and a public pharma company.

Lindsay Dart, Managing Director - Protiviti UK

Lindsay leads Protiviti's internal audit practice in the UK. He has almost 35 years of combined internal audit, financial controls and financial statement audit experience, serving a variety of companies, primarily in the financial services sector both in the UK and internationally.

Sam Cornish, Associate Director - Protiviti UK

Sam works in Protiviti’s Internal Audit and Financial Advisory solution group and is skilled in Asset Management, Management, External and Internal Audit, International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and Assurance. 

Stan Oparanov - Senior Manager, Protiviti UK

Stan is leading the use of enabling technologies at Protiviti’s Internal Audit and Financial Advisory solution, focussing on equipping clients’ three lines of defence to begin or accelerate their digital transformation journey. He has led and continues to deliver a number of technology-driven consulting projects in a variety of client industries. 



  • Esther Delgado

    Esther Delgado

    director - Protiviti UK

  • Sam Cornish

    Sam Cornish

    associate director - Protiviti UK

  • Lindsay Dart

    Lindsay Dart

    managing director - Protiviti UK