Roy Millard will draw from his experiences at TfL and from developing industry-wide guidance in the Association for Project Management.

Nobody (well, almost nobody) deliberately gets in the way, but there are a host of organisational, behavioural, cultural and historical challenges to overcome.

Perseverance pays off, though; providing you don’t set your sights too high, some benefits are quite easy to achieve. You will be encouraged to think for yourselves to compare and contrast your experiences with his.

Time stamps (mins/secs)

  • 05.20 - Why integrated assurance doesn’t work
  • 15.07 - Why do we want it to work?
  • 25.20 - Dimensions of integrated assurance
  • 30.31 - Principles of integrated assurance
  • 43.17 - Barriers and success factors
  • 46.48 - Future developments: TfL


Roy Millard - Senior audit manager - Commercial and HSE&T, Internal Audit, Transport for London

Roy is responsible for the planning and delivery of internal audits of all commercial, health, safety, environmental and technical activities within Transport for London.

He joined TfL Internal Audit in September 2002, and has over 30 years of experience of engineering projects in PPP, PFI, partnering, joint venture, consortia and conventional contracting environments, as project engineer, risk manager, project manager and internal audit manager.

In particular, he had lead roles within Racal on major defence projects such as Bowman and IRIS, and as a senior manager within Thales on the Connect project for London Underground.

He has an Honours degree and a post-graduate Diploma in Management Studies; is a Fellow of the APM and a full member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology; is a member of the APM Board and Chairman of the APM Audit and Assurance Committee; and is the founder and chairman of the APM Assurance Specific Interest Group.

In recent years at TfL, he has been very active in introducing integrated approaches for providing more efficient and effective assurance.