ACCA UK's Internal Audit network panel regularly consults its members on topics that are of particular interest at a given point in time. At the moment, it is recognised that the impact of Covid-19 is having a big effect on internal auditing. We cannot afford gold-plated auditing or controls anymore. Also, we can't afford to go through the motions of doing assignments that made sense at one point in time when things have changed significantly as a result of Covid-19.

This webinar looks at how to manage internal audit assignments from a practical perspective in the current context. Specifically, we look at the work programmes required in the current environment where lean/agile auditing is increasingly expected. And we consider some fundamental questions about what we mean by “reasonable assurance".

You can also read a CPD article on this topic.


James C Paterson, Director - Risk AI

James is a former Head of Audit and author of the book “Lean auditing”. He shares insights from his workshops with numerous IIA institutions in Europe, as well as his consulting with clients.

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  • James Paterson

    James Paterson

    Director - Risk AI