In 2020, social media was used by over 45 million people in the UK alone. It is one of the best ways to gain traction for clients but also connections. Running a business is tough on the best of us, and I found this journey really lonely. Through social media, I've not only found clients but I have built some of the best relationships ever. The fact that I am even able to offer this webinar is down to the power of social media. 

Referrals are an amazing source of client leads, and to be referred is something you should be proud of. However they are an unreliable source of new clients and quite frankly make cashflow and growth impossible.

Throughout this webinar, we are going to touch on some areas that are necessary if you want to continue to build a sustainable brand that continues to grow. We will cover:

  • The mindset hurdles that you will face when building a social media presence
  • What are the benefits of social media for you AND your business?
  • Where do you actually need to start?
  • What applications can help you?
  • What can you actually talk about?


Christina Christoforou ACCA, Director - CMNC Associates Ltd

Christina spent 19 years in finance, working with multi million pound organisations and helping them to scale their systems and increase their profit further.

Throughout that time, she has worked with many accountants and feels that accountants get a hard time. They sell themselves short yet they advise on a subject that is one of the most integral functions to a business.

Her passion is finance, systems and social media and she is on a mission to showcase accountants as an asset within the business rather than just begin seen as another cost.

Your speaker

  • Christina Christoforou

    Christina Christoforou

    Director - CMNC Associates Ltd