We are living in unprecedented times. There is no playbook for the impact the Covid-19 pandemic will have on practitioners and their clients’ businesses and families. However one thing is certain - your clients need you now more than ever.

The Gap has developed a Business Continuity pack that enables practitioners to deliver tangible, practical and real support to their clients on a remote basis. During this webinar, Mark Jenkins and Phil Sayers will share three ways you can provide immediate support for your clients without draining your valuable time:

  • a Continuity Plan pack for Gap members to roll out to their clients as soon as possible
  • a webinar that you can invite your clients to, so that you reach out to them in the coming days and weeks with solid advice and support
  • new ways in which The Gap can support you through these times.


Mark Jenkins is Co-founder and Director of Sales at The Gap. He spent over 20 years in public practice, but in 2014 sold his own firm so that he could focus on his true passion - helping accountants to accelerate small business success.

Phil Sayers is the UK Director of Sales at The Gap. Phil is not actually an accountant, but a career long salesperson, Sales Director, and CEO, who has worked for, run and owned SME’s. He has also worked with accountants for many years so has a good understanding of the challenges that many of them face.


Your speakers

  • Mark Jenkins

    Mark Jenkins

    Co-founder and Director of Sales, The Gap

  • Phil Sayers

    Phil Sayers

    UK Director of Sales, The Gap