During times of global uncertainty, reporting on business performance and future prospects can be challenging. How can you assess going concern and viability for your business when the world of business and reporting requirements are changing? How will you reassure stakeholders about the risks that your organisation faces? Are your current reporting methods up to date?

This course provides insight into reporting during times of uncertainty. It assesses whether traditional reporting is still relevant and considers how reporting requirements are likely to change. You will gain insight on how to portray the future of your business through your reporting and illustrate how you will handle the risks that it is likely to face.

This course will enable you to:

  • understand how global uncertainty affects the way we report, and the importance of considering stakeholder needs and time horizons during periods of uncertainty
  • conduct an assessment of going concern for your business and use your judgement to decide on disclosure requirements
  • treat the reporting of risk as an opportunity to showcase how your organisation is on top of the challenges that it faces
  • consider how reporting requirements of uncertainty and viability are changing and how best you can report on the longer-term risks that your company may face.
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