ACCA Southern Eastern Europe office and its partner TMF Group are honored to invite you to attend the latest ACCA CPD Webinar.

Topics covered in the seminar:

  • Approach towards accounting function
    • Entrepreneurial Businesses vs. Public Interest Entities
    • Management Reporting  vs. Tax Reporting
  • New trends in accounting profession
    • Standardisation of Accounting Reporting and Local Specific (IFRS vs. Local GAAP)
    • Regional Delivery Centres
  • Accountants and Technology
    • Optical Character Recognition, Robot Process Automation and Artificial Intelligence – impact on way how accountants work
    • Implementation of the New Technology by the Tax Authorities
  • War on talents
    • It is still “cool” to be an accountant?
    • Career Path in an International Accounting Firm


  • Daniel Proychev, FCCA Bulgaria Country Director and SEE CFO TMF Group

Daniel’s career evolved during the 23 years within TMF Group and held different managerial positions in different locations (Croatia, Denmark, Poland, Bulgaria). He was building and managing teams of various sized (from +10 to +500), sharing knowledge, building the brand and expanding TMF client base and their satisfaction. Currently, Daniel is country director in Bulgaria and finance director for South East Europe market. Daniel holds master degree in accounting and is fellow ACCA member from 2013.

  • Gabriel Sincu, FCCA, Romania Country Director & SEE Head of Accounting & Tax TMF Group

Gabriel is a fellow ACCA member and an accounting & tax professional with 24 years of experience in accounting and tax advisory. Before joining TMF in 2019, he worked for Haarman Hemmelrath & Partner, Mazars and Ernst & Young, supporting local and international clients with tax advice and accounting services. Worth mentioning is that he started his career working for the Romanian Tax Authorities as a tax inspector and is still involved in consultations on the drafts of the new tax legislation. Currently, Gabriel is managing in Romania a team of more than 120 professionals and coordinates the accounting & tax practice of TMF for 7 countries across South Eastern Europe.