Blockchain and cryptocurrency

Is cryptocurrency the Next Big Thing or is it another dot.com bubble that will burst? The media is full of stories supporting both sides of this argument but there is an overall shortage of trustworthy information to allow business leaders and finance professionals to make an informed decision.

This workshop requires no prior knowledge. It explains blockchain technology and demonstrates how it is used to create crypto currencies. It also considers some of the risks and opportunities that accountants, finance professionals and business leaders need to understand if they are to engage effectively with this controversial technology.

Cyber security

Cybercrime affects everyone – individuals and organisations; multinational corporations and start-ups. This course investigates the risks and challenges around cyber security and advises how organisations can take practical steps to develop a robust cyber security policy.

There will be time for questions and comments.


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I have a passion for professional education and development! For 15 years I’ve enjoyed supporting people with their continuing professional development by designing teaching programmes, authoring content and providing training face-to-face and online.

My technical expertise in business strategy and management, financial management and business technology is founded on my fellowships of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants and the Institute of Leadership & Management. This expertise is enhanced by my career as a business leader and continues to be nourished by research into how these fields are evolving in the modern business environment.

Current research areas include big data, Artificial Intelligence and the future of the accountancy profession. In 2020, I published a report into the impact of digital technology on accountants and finance professionals: People Will Be the Next Big Thing. I enjoy two aspects of my work in particular: Unpacking complicated concepts to make them more accessible to learners. Providing a real-life, practical context so that learners can apply concepts to their everyday lives.