As the landscape of finance continues to evolve, AI in accounting is emerging as a powerful tool to revolutionise the industry. This webinar will explore the potential of AI in reshaping the accounting sector, driving efficiencies, enhancing controls, and delivering superior insights to help businesses create value and maximise returns.

This webinar will discuss how to get started using AI in practice, and how to stay on top of the changes that AI will bring to the accounting industry.

There's no overstating that AI could redefine the way accounting operates, offering significant efficiencies, improved data analysis, and increased scalability and adaptability to support business needs. However, the successful integration of AI into accounting practices can be complex and challenging, representing a significant shift in the industry's operations.

Enrol on this one-hour webinar to gain expert insights on:

  • the concept of AI in accounting 
  • the business case for AI in accounting
  • key success factors in implementing AI in accounting
  • findings from the latest industry reports
  • the implications of AI for the future of the accounting function.