Prior to Covid-19 remote working was becoming more common, and 40% of full-time employees were expected to transition to remote working over the next 10 years. However, that 10 years has been brought forward significantly and the number already transitioning to a greater or lesser degree is likely to be at least 40%.

Companies have a unique opportunity to re-imagine the way their business can operate, but not being prepared for or truly embracing remote working could be a stumbling block that could impact the bottom line. 

Remote working isn’t just the future; it’s already here. Millions of employees are already working from home on a part- or full-time basis. How companies, managers and individuals leverage this new trend to their advantage will determine their success in the coming decades.

In this webinar we will look at some of the technology and employee engagement tools to support your teams to effectively and efficiently work from home.

Speaker - Alan Lynch, Head of Content and Education, Learnsignal

Alan has been working in professional education for over 10 years. As well as extensive ACCA experience he has lectured in business subjects for undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications, and previously worked as the Head of Faculty of the Graduate Business School at Griffith College.

Alan is now Head of Content and Education for learnsignal, where he led the building of their CPD programme that has an extensive library of courses to help improve your career.

Since inception, the team at learnsignal has been widely geographically spread and Alan will take you through how digital tools can help your teams excel. He was previously CFO of an international bank and he is well placed to provide you with key advice for the next step in your company’s digital journey.