Revised and updated to include recent trends and statistics from the world of cyber security.

Cyber security issues are becoming a day-to-day struggle for businesses and with more remote working than ever, the opportunities for cyber criminals are on the increase. Effective cyber risk management needs to go way beyond the IT department if you are to mitigate and manage the threats to your organisation.

This course offers a detailed overview of cyber risks and the threats to your organisation and explores why cyber security is the responsibility of all managers. The course will help you devise effective strategies and gather appropriate resources for mitigating risks both within and outside the office and prepare your organisation's response to any cyber threats. 

This course will enable you to: 

  • understand cyber risks and how to protect your organisation
  • develop strategies for the management and mitigation of cyber risk
  • assess how safe your organisation is and whether your IT team is adequately resourced
  • manage corporate information outside the office, including the risks involved in using mobile devices and storing data in the cloud
  • plan and gather the resources needed to respond to cyber incidents.
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