What you will learn

CertFinTech is designed to help you:

  • understand what lies under the surface of a Machine Learning output
  • better interrogate a model, and partner with data scientists and others in an organisation to drive adoption and use of Machine Learning
  • understand how automation can assist in the efficiency of the finance function
  • appreciate the steps needed to manage the risk of potential threats, threat actors, and the vulnerabilities they may exploit and the business impacts of a cyber-attack
  • apply the principles of cyber threat intelligence to your organisation.

About this course

A practical insight into the range of FinTech technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning and robotic process and intelligent automation, that integrate to transform finance operations and business models in successful organisations. 

CertFinTech consists of three courses, which ensure finance professionals have the practical skills needed to develop an effective and productive understanding of key technologies. Unlike similar courses, this professional certificate also contains practical labs to deliver hands-on training.

CertFinTech consists of three courses:  ​

89% of respondents to an ACCA survey see digital skills as relevant, or extremely relevant, to accountancy and finance professionals.

The Professional certificate in FinTech for finance and business leaders gives formal recognition of your learning, which can be used both as verifiable CPD and to demonstrate your skillset to current or future employers.​