As an accountant, organising and analysing data are important skills that you need to get jobs done. Organisations often have a vast quantity of data that comes in different forms, so it can be difficult to effectively organise data and analyse it. Using Get & Transform you can connect, combine and transform your data, so it's easier and faster to analyse.

If you're looking to take your knowledge and application of Power Query to the next level, this course will enable you to do just that. You will look at adding custom, index and conditional columns, as well as using the Column from Examples feature. This course also covers the basics of JSON, working with records and lists, duplicating queries, and changing the source file. It explores the uses of parameters and custom functions.

This course will enable you to:

  • add custom, index and conditional columns to your data, and use the Column From Examples feature.
  • confidently transform data structures. such as records, lists and JSON.
  • learn how to duplicate queries and change source data in reports.
  • understand the basics of reading, writing and using Mashup (M).
  • use parameters and custom functions to create dynamic reports in Power Query and explore the various uses of parameters.
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