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Increasingly, disruptive technology is playing a critical role in transforming finance capability. In response to this, business leaders are recognising the opportunities and challenges a digital transformation of their business can deliver.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is software that can be easily programmed or instructed by end users to perform high-volume, repeatable, rules-based tasks. It automates the logical transfer of data within processes quickly and accurately, freeing up valuable resources from mundane tasks.

This online course is based on Embracing robotic automation during the evolution of finance, a report by ACCA and CA ANZ in collaboration with KPMG in Australia.

Learning outcomes 

  • understand some of the major disruptions impacting businesses and the opportunities for finance teams
  • learn what we mean by robotics and the role of robotics in finance teams
  • learn about some of the key benefits and challenges of different automation options
  • understand the criteria to judge whether or not a task or process is suitable for automation and the sort of activities that robots can perform
  • a step by step process for beginning to apply the software 
  • understand the challenges and lessons learned from some early adopters of robotics automation technology.

This four-hour course is made up of six modules, each module includes videos, interactive assets, case studies and quizzes. It includes an assessment with multiple choice questions. You will need to pass the assessment to get your completion certificate.

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