ACCA UK has developed a suite of resources for practitioners starting on their digital journey or who have only recently started.

Going digital - member experience podcasts

This series of podcasts features ACCA practitioners discussing how they digitalised their practices:

  • Graeme Tennick of Graeme Tennick & Co - the emotional journey and mistakes along the way
  • Peter Jarman of PJCO Accountants Ltd - practicalities and the importance of an in-house champion
  • Eriona Bajrakurtaj of Major's Accounts & Co Ltd - the obstacles to digitalising a traditional family practice and how collaboration with other practitioners would have made a huge difference.
  • Gillian French of DNA Accountants Ltd - moving her practice onto the cloud just as the pandemic hit.
  • Gavin Spencer of Beach Accountants and Emily Inman of Zynct Ltd talk about why your practice needs to be on the cloud and discuss practical aspects - such as whether you need to have every client on the cloud, and whether there are any cheaper options for small clients.

Introduction to apps podcast

Listen to a podcast in which ACCA practitioners introduce their favourite apps.

MTD for ITSA - segmenting your clients podcast

A podcast about how you can prepare your practice for MTD for ITSA and why MTD for ITSA presents an opportunity for practices.


ACCA member Alan Woods of Woods Squared walks us through all the software in his practice - his TechStack - and the resulting client experience in this Woods Squared TechStack video.