An exclusive event for ACCA members looking to understand and master cloud accounting technology. Join us on 17 May as we dive into cloud accounting, the benefits for your practice, and the practical steps you need to take in order to migrate your clients and data to the cloud.

Come away confident in using cloud technology to run a more efficient and profitable practice. 

In this informative webinar, you'll hear from a practitioner who moved to the cloud and the benefits they experienced. 

Learn how to master the latest cloud accounting technology in order to remain competitive and to continue providing the best and most secure experiences for your clients. Gain an understanding of all the cloud accounting fundamentals:  

  • What is the cloud and cloud accounting
  • Why you should be moving to the cloud
  • How to migrate your clients and data to the cloud 

You’ll also get to experience first-hand what leading cloud accounting technology looks like in action and see how it will benefit your practice and clients with a demonstration of the QuickBooks platform.

Attendees will come away feeling more confident talking about all things cloud accounting with colleagues and clients ensuring they are cloud-ready.