It’s vital that every accountant in practice should be familiar with the principles set down in the various ethical codes of the accountancy bodies. The reputation of a firm may be impacted by our capacity to stay objective, moral, and honest in our work. However, when ethical grey areas do arise, finding the right course of action from these codes isn’t always simple.

This course considers such ethical grey areas and provides accountants in practice with the practical, day-to-day approaches they need to avoid making unsafe decisions. You will employ codes of professional conduct to fulfil your role, including when providing advice on taxation matters. You’ll gain an understanding of the role of ethics in the workplace and how to establish an ethical culture in your practice.

This course will enable you to:

  • develop a thorough understanding of the key elements of the ethical codes required by professional bodies
  • apply the ethical frameworks to help you make good decisions in difficult situations
  • balance your duty to your client with your duty to society when providing tax advice
  • build an ethical culture within your practice.
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