• Analysing data with Pivot Tables
  • Making decisions through Nested Logical Functions – IF, AND, OR
  • Finding and copying data with Nested XLOOKUP functions – sophisticated Lookup techniques
  • XLOOKUP extended capabilities – e.g. wild card LOOKUP & returning multiple columns
  • Finding and copying multiple records using FILTER function

This webinar was recorded on 09th November 2023.


Chris James

 Chris James

Chris James is passionate about both spreadsheets and effective learning, Chris enjoys helping people develop their spreadsheet skills through a variety of platforms; from in-person classroom courses he delivers, to remote access courses.

Originally trained in IT support, Chris followed his passion for training and moved across to IT training back in 2001. The next 15 years saw Chris work for a variety of London based training companies a freelance Microsoft trainer. As MS Excel grew in its use with office and business workers alike, the demand for effective training grew with it and Chris found most of his time spent delivering 1-day Excel courses for businesses in and around central London.

In 2016 Chris founded his own business with a training company focused solely on helping people to develop spreadsheet skills. A family run business with Chris’ daughters (Joetta, Alicia and Laurissa) very much central to the growth of the business. Chris spends much of the winter months travelling Latin America, exercising his use of the Spanish language.