Fraud is rarely out of the headlines as recent reports suggest that fraudsters stole £580million through unauthorised and authorised fraud in the first half of 2023.

In today's increasingly complex business environment, the ability to detect, prevent, and respond to fraud is critical for organisations of all sizes. This course will cover key concepts, strategies, and best practices for addressing fraud, ensuring that participants are better prepared to safeguard their organisations against fraud and a better understanding of fraud response plans.

Key features

  • Introduction to Fraud
    • Understanding the different types of fraud (e.g., financial, identity theft, occupational, cyber fraud)
    • The impact of fraud on individuals and organisations
  • Fraud Detection and Prevention
    • Identifying red flags and warning signs
    • Common methods and techniques used by fraudsters
    • Strategies for reducing the risk of fraud
  • Building a Fraud Response Plan
    • The importance of a fraud response plan
    • Key elements of a robust fraud response plan
    • Developing an incident response team
  • Internal Controls and Risk Mitigation
    • Implementing effective internal controls
    • Fraud risk assessment

At the end of this session delegates will have a solid understanding of fraud, be able to develop and implement a fraud response plan and be better equipped to protect their organisations from fraudulent activities and identify the key red flags. This session offers practical insights and real-world examples to ensure that participants can apply their knowledge effectively in their professional roles.


This webinar was recorded on 20th November 2023.


Dr. Stephen Hill

Dr Stephen Hill is the managing director of Hill Bingham Ltd. He is an expert trainer and consultant with over 20 years’ experience providing services to the private and public sector in fraud (cyber) risk management, data security/protection and internet investigations & open source intelligence.

Dr Hill has spoken at conferences in the UK, Europe, UAE and SE Asia aimed at both corporate and regulatory sectors including running a special cyber security and OSINT course in Abu Dhabi for ADAA (Abu Dhabi Accountability Authority).