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The finance function is changing and you need to change too! Hiding behind your screen doing analysis in Excel all day long without ever talking to people in the business is a no-go. You need to get up from your desk and have real conversations with your stakeholders about how you can help improve business performance. No more working with data, reports and analysis.

You need to share insights which your stakeholders didn’t know to influence their decision-making ultimately impacting the bottom-line. That’s what business partnering is all about. The fact is, that if you don’t impact value creation in your company you’ll likely be out of a job soon due to automation, outsourcing or offshoring. There’s never been a clearer call to action!


Anders Liu-Lindberg, Co-founder of BPI and Head of Global Finance PMO at Maersk

Anders is an active blogger with almost 20,000 followers and an influencer within the field of Business Partnering, Finance Transformation and Digitalisation. He is a catalyst for growing the network, insights and collaboration of the Business Partnering Community.

At Maersk, Anders is driving large scale transformation programs and is among others the co-creator and driver of one of the largest and most ambitious Business Partnering training programs globally.

Anders is also a former business partner himself and has proven how through expert facilitation you can make people collaborate for significant value creation.



  • Anders Liu-Lindberg

    Anders Liu-Lindberg

    Co-founder of BPI and Head of Global Finance PMO at Maersk